1. Hiking in El Malpais

    18 Jun 2021
    Continuing my landscape journey with the DP Merrill trio, I took an 80-minute drive out west,  halfway to the New Mexico-Arizona border. This part of the state is called El Malpais (lit: ”bad country/lands, in Spanish). It gets its name from the lava flows that dot the region.…

  2. Transitioning Over to Landscape Photography

    02 Jun 2021
    It’s been a while but I’ve certainly been busy, especially when it comes to my photography. I’ve spent a lot of the pandemic thinking about precisely what my photography is for, exactly. Why do I make images? I think most photographers spend time thinking about this question as well,…

  3. Lonely Landscapes

    25 Jan 2021
    The wide normal view isn’t really ideal for landscape photography, is it? It’s wide…But not wide-angle. It’s tight…But not telephoto. In short: it’s really, really boring I’ve found it extremely challenging to work with at first because my landscape shots had a kind of “snapshot” element to them. But then…

  4. Entering Foveon Space with the Sigma DP2 Merrill

    29 Dec 2020
    I’ve spent the past few weeks taking a break from my One Camera One Lens experiment with the Fujifilm X100V. While I intended to go back to it, I blundered into something extremely interesting: Sigma Foveon cameras. I’ll try not to be too technical but it’s worth taking the time…

  5. VII Months with the X100V

    19 Dec 2020
    Back in June, I began a new photographic journey with the X100V as my only camera, replacing my X-T2, 35mm f1.4, 23mm f/2m and 15-45mm lenses. I wanted to see if the one camera one lens philosophy of creative constraints held anything for me. Almost every day now the X100V…

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