1. Lonely Landscapes

    25 Jan 2021
    The wide normal view isn’t really ideal for landscape photography, is it? It’s wide…But not wide-angle. It’s tight…But not telephoto. In short: it’s really, really boring I’ve found it extremely challenging to work with at first because my landscape shots had a kind of “snapshot” element to them. But then…

  2. Entering Foveon Space with the Sigma DP2 Merrill

    29 Dec 2020
    I’ve spent the past few weeks taking a break from my One Camera One Lens experiment with the Fujifilm X100V. While I intended to go back to it, I blundered into something extremely interesting: Sigma Foveon cameras. I’ll try not to be too technical but it’s worth taking the time…

  3. VII Months with the X100V

    19 Dec 2020
    Back in June, I began a new photographic journey with the X100V as my only camera, replacing my X-T2, 35mm f1.4, 23mm f/2m and 15-45mm lenses. I wanted to see if the one camera one lens philosophy of creative constraints held anything for me. Almost every day now the X100V…

  4. Why I Love Street Portraits

    03 Dec 2020
    Street portraits are something I do a lot of. I think candid street photography has lost some of its luster for me over the years. I have candid images I really enjoy but I’m too large and unwilling to be furtive to capture the moments I truly enjoy. I often…

  5. An Uneasy Time with MAGA

    17 Nov 2020
    Against my better judgment, I attended a Defend Your Vote rally I found out about at the last minute here in Milwaukee. I recently had surgery for a slight malformation of my heart and seeing as COVID attacks the cardiovascular system…I really should have stayed home. Especially given what Wisconsin’s…

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