1. The People’s Revolution Milwaukee

    19 Oct 2020
    This is a re-release combining my original series of Milwaukee Protester portraits with my “Supportive Community” presentation. My journey as a documentary photographer for the evolving movement in the wake of George Floyd’s shooting started in Milwaukee. While I’ve always preferred shooting street and travel photography with a documentary style,…

  2. One Camera One Lens One Year - 4 months in

    27 Sep 2020
    One camera one lens one year. That is my goal. I’ve just hit Month 4 of using a fixed lens compact camera. No swappable or zoom lenses. And I have to say, it’s been a marvelous journey and one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.  Because I’m a huge…

  3. Encountering the MAGA Group

    02 Sep 2020
    Currently, my documentation of the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder has not been complete. I have excellent documentation of the protesters and a fair selection of the police. But finding the conservative counter-protesters has been a real challenge. They have their own social & news media universe…

  4. Kenosha: Aftermath

    30 Aug 2020
    In my hotel room, I was regretting my decision for a while. Reading reports from Milwaukee BLM and other sources, the message was clear: stay away from Kenosha. It’s a trap. The Feds are snatching people in unmarked vehicles. I watched my friend get his arm blown off. Social media…

  5. One Camera One Lens One Year - 2 months in

    31 Jul 2020
    So I’m starting this blog off with a post 2 months in the making. Two months ago, I decided to finally take the plunge and engage in a creative project my inner gear-nerd is repulsed by yet my quirky artistic side adores: one camera one lens for one year I’ve…

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