1. Why I Love Street Portraits

    2020-12-03 02:12:19 UTC
    Street portraits are something I do a lot of. I think candid street photography has lost some of its luster for me over the years. I have candid images I really enjoy but I’m too large and unwilling to be furtive to capture the moments I truly enjoy. I often…

  2. An Uneasy Time with MAGA

    2020-11-17 00:31:00 UTC
    Against my better judgment, I attended a Defend Your Vote rally I found out about at the last minute here in Milwaukee. I recently had surgery for a slight malformation of my heart and seeing as COVID attacks the cardiovascular system…I really should have stayed home. Especially given what Wisconsin’s…

  3. The People’s Revolution Milwaukee

    2020-10-19 01:03:00 UTC
    This is a re-release combining my original series of Milwaukee Protester portraits with my “Supportive Community” presentation. My journey as a documentary photographer for the evolving movement in the wake of George Floyd’s shooting started in Milwaukee. While I’ve always preferred shooting street and travel photography with a documentary style,…

  4. One Camera One Lens One Year - 4 months in

    2020-09-27 02:26:00 UTC
    One camera one lens one year. That is my goal. I’ve just hit Month 4 of using a fixed lens compact camera. No swappable or zoom lenses. And I have to say, it’s been a marvelous journey and one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.  Because I’m a huge…

  5. Encountering the MAGA Group

    2020-09-02 19:12:32 UTC
    Currently, my documentation of the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder has not been complete. I have excellent documentation of the protesters and a fair selection of the police. But finding the conservative counter-protesters has been a real challenge. They have their own social & news media universe…

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