Hey, nice to meet you! Earl here, Denver event & commercial photographer!

Photography has been a part of my life for over two decades. I'm a Denver based photographer but I'm originally from Buffalo, NY. I'm one of those self-taught photographers who fell in love with a camera and realized that he had a passion for visual storytelling!

When working with people I prefer a documentarian approach: subject and story focused while balancing poses and true to life representation of what's unfolding in front of my lens. Studio, natural light, on location...I look for any excuse to shove my camera in your face (apologies in advance as I do love a 50mm prime and intimate working distances)!

When not working alongside commercial clients I am also a fine art landscape and nature photographer. My second passion is spending as much time on the road chasing sunsets and mountains, particularly in the American West and abroad! I basically have a camera glued to my hip in any given moment.

And in doing so, I manage to tease out moment of strong emotion from both my subjects and my viewers. Sometimes using the landscape as a canvas to remind us of the silence of vast wilderness spaces. And at other times the infinite capacity for emotive storytelling found within the Human Element. If I've succeeded, feel free to let me know! ~ Earl

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